The biggest mystery of life,
That the future is unknown;
The hardest irony to digest,
Is that animated creature
Into which I’ve grown.
A million miles back
Into travel through time,
Lays my tilted, barren ‘home’;
All through dimensions of time and space,
I’m trying to seek my rightful place.
Then again, what is my right?
Do I know?
Am I human? Am I animal?
Or a hybrid of the two?
I’m a little bit of me
And some parts of you.
Look for your dark corner,
Find your own reasons for gloom;
If I’m headed towards nothingness,
You’re only striving for doom.
There are so many people,
People who claim to know,
What many can’t verify
And others would not show…
I collect my bits of disintegration
Attempt to create some sort of correlation
Question myself, on chances of reconciliation.
Upon no specific answer,
I retort to self-annihilation
I hear all that you have to say,
But I shall not guarantee registration…
How could you claim to ‘being human’,
When you slave away to de-humanization?!

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