Freedom of (In)Sanity


“’Sanity’, you say?”

And she nods her head in silent response.

“So that’s the price you need for me to pay for your hospitality till I learn to get out into the world again, huh?”

She just stares at his crazed, insomniac eyes in return; a cold but somehow, scared stare, afraid not to say what  might get him mad.

“Don’t worry, love, I won’t get mad at you; my fate is more like it. But I shall not stay here anymore.”

“But where will you go? It’s not safe out there, they might get you and institutionalize you!”


“But do you care enough to let me be, me? Do you really expect me to be afraid of the fear that victimizes them?”

She gives him a knowing look, but then frowns and says,

 “But you know they won’t let us act out our thoughts, let alone think them!”

He retorts,

“Well, we all have to make our choices. You ask of me to pay too heavy a price, that of my freedom. So I’m off to pack my bags. You’ve got ten minutes, if you want to join me, hop on; otherwise, adios love. I shall tell myself then that you chose fear.”


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