A Hermit Now

I confess that I got strayed,

By the bees in home-made marmalade;

By your smiles, perfected to never fade…

While you flew through your escapade,

I barely rode across on a horse of jade.

For you, it was a moment, intoxicated;

For me, a realm, where I stayed,

Where I stayed and till dawn, prayed:

Mercy, for the sake of earlier homage I’d paid,

For my soul to exempt of its evil cascade.

You laughed, as I wept at the irony to arrive,

That heals no one, keeps nobody alive.

My vision was mocked at, provoked to only thrive:

My life, more organic; only tiny pieces to contrive:

Unresolved pieces, pretending not to be alive!

Thus the anti-thesis begins to die in its birth,

Reborn every hour, like a child’s little play…

The innocent death it dies each night,

Followed by hope for a better day.

She was otherwise, but a hermit now;

In fear, not to break her precious vow.

Written: 01-09-2012