A voice raised, amidst all troubled sighs,

That reached all humans, reached the skies.


Not deservingly so, she was victimized,

By those, the infernal powers have hypnotized.


Took a bullet in the head, and still she survives;

A living example, to our misdirected lives.



“It should NOT have happened,” is what you say,

But a stand for true freedom always has a price to pay.


In a very real world of beasts, rights need to be boldly earned;

In a Land of the supposed ‘Pure’, lessons taught, to be learned.


How did the sword become much mightier than the pen?

Yes we regressed to lowest beings, but how, and when?!


So many questions you throw, about the existence of God;

So many forces at work, to contrive the retort, into fraud!



So many past voices, silenced by the beastly sword;

Let this, a fateful survivor, be one sign to you by the Lord.

Mightier than the Sword


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