Turban Lady-Sketch


Did she guard you right

On the road of your devastation?

Or did she invite you in,

To the wonderment of her creation?


Did she teach you sin

In the name of sanity?

I fear she led you to a god,

That cursed us with profanity..!


Did she guide you by the hand

To the temple to show a glimpse,

Of the other side of heaven,

Where time runs, then silently limps.


Did you dance in her rain

And bask in the glory,

Of the trust of her confession

About her unheard story?


Did she summon to her presence,

Your demons to destroy?

With their death, her gesture,

So defiant, and yet coy!


Would you part us, for her;

Or abandon her, for your life?

Let Eden in her gardens be!..

And away, let’s take our stroll.