That Fateful Matchbox in a Romantic’s Room


We spend a significant amount of time with our own selves: We read, write, sing, sketch, listen to and play music, paint, meditate, also sort of self-medicate..and then, there are also those beautiful moments when we totally forget to define or label who we are, and just act it all out, though that seldom happens with me to its full bloom!

And if and when we have to communicate with each other, we have our little gadgets to connect us, among us. We have more technology at our hands than our ancestors ever did; and some of us even feel a little too grateful for that fact, in their own capacities!

We inhale, look at the stars, exhale the smoke, breathe in the surrounding aura, close our eyes, dream a little, breathe out. We fade into scenes and then fade to black, sometimes while being white to another world. We care about the moment in that moment, and forget about Time!

We have imagined our own respective realities before they even embarked on journeys of their second creation. Sometimes we have dreamt episodes of our lives even before they started, but the beauty of Life in these 3 words still maintains, lurking around always, just like ever: ‘You never know!’

We can make ANYthing happen in the story of our being, as long as we believe that it can be!

Most people around think, that we have a fatal sickness of acting as seekers of beauty, happiness and peace; we know that in their world’s terms, we have the chronic ‘(dis)ease’ of Life symptoms happening to us, the Light Seekers, in a way at least! 


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