Post-Meditation Sunrise


Post-Meditation Sunrise



I was on a short trek, and captured this picture early morning after an overnight stay at a little motel at the Australian Camp en route Dhampus and Phedi, in Nepal, down all the way from here.
I had met a Korean monk the previous day on the hill-top facing the famous Annapurna Range of the Himalayas, right outside his tiny but cozy, welcoming cottage, serving as his private monastery. After some introductory conversation where I found him (Mr. Jung) to be living there for 5 years as a yogi practitioner/hermit, I asked him if we could meditate together some time. He told me to climb up there and see him at 6 a.m. the next morning, at sunrise.
And so I made my humble appearance, where we peacefully meditated for less than a half hour followed by a conversation on the practice, and our spiritual journeys.
When I had closed my eyes, the peaks in the distance were covered by fog as they had been the night before, but it seems their chakras also got activated like mine did, post-meditation. It was beautiful, with my blood circulation running within me, and the tones of the casting light changing over the valley, streams and the mountains around me.


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