She gave birth,

So she’s not alone anymore,

Not knowing, she brought

Another lonely soul to this world

On its path to abhor, away from the pure.


Somebody should’ve told her,

The prodigy was better left unborn,

How could yet another drop

In the ocean of the madness of life,

Keep her away from being forlorn?


From the moment she conceived him,

She was delusional, that he’s ‘special’;

In what way, she couldn’t say

Thus took control of his life,

So his ‘special-ness’ dare not go away!


To the world where this kid was born,

He learned to conform in fear of rejection,

Not giving much thought to his own reflection;

His father he barely knew,

A sailor, often sailing with the crew.


Made to suffer in denial and silence,

Paying the due for faults of life

Till one day, he wakes to reality,

And knows he’s not his idols, himself

His mother a neurotic, that sailor’s wife:

They’d tricked him into some ‘cycle of life’….


Knowing not, what to do

With their ‘marriageable ages’

Knowing not, their selves,

Or life’s evolving stages,

They’d given birth to a monster, not a child;

Given birth themselves, and vanished in the wild!



(Written in March, 2012)


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