Vessel of the Who

You are the Who,

The one I find myself, reverting to:

And reverting in a way, utterly true!

My suffering has known no ends, it depends

on a myriad ways, the world pretends…

Reason, beyond the depth of eternity,

And Poetry begins to melt in her shoes.

I rip out weeds from roots of seeds,

Thus sowing a harvest on which she could breed,

For I wish to think as rhymes and hues…

To float as a vessel on the surface of Thought:

to float in that ocean, to swim without sinking.

Let the vessel be itself, Feeling;

Let the feeling do its own thinking!

Written: 28-10-2013

Mad Monsoon (Sketch of a Glimpse)

The winds are mightier today

Than the motion of (winged) flight;

Everywhere I turn to look:

He brings lightning in sight.


The lights in turn, speak of violet,

I feel Divinity seeping in, to my Crown…

In glimpses as brief, as intense as bolts

Bolts dancing in the black of Heaven’s rage!


Gypsy caravans of pilgrim clouds,

A bouquet of dull gold, white and grey…

I feel so right to be in love with Rain,

To see the cosmos of the Earthly Sky

Rejoice her arrival in elaborate play!




Written: 15-09-2013