Sever (all Ties)

Let’s sever all ties,

Accomplices, companions

of fair-weather times.


Sever all ties:

Mistaken friends; fellow performers

From all those mimes.


Though I remember the strangeness,

And even vivid beauty in some past places;

Social masks, like ancient kingdoms,

And like a smirk vanishing,

Melt, drip off your unfamiliar faces.


Sever all ties,

Oh, lovers of a joy

ImageDivorced of me, such as Adam & Paradise.


Sever all ties,

For the longings, shared no more:

I come in peace, and at least not in disguise.


Sever all ties,

Unchained melodies in a poet’s head,

Goodbyes are hard, with words unsaid.

But who ever knew then

Of changes to come, skins yet to be shed!


To you, I’m better off dead.