The biggest mystery of life,
That the future is unknown;
The hardest irony to digest,
Is that animated creature
Into which I’ve grown.
A million miles back
Into travel through time,
Lays my tilted, barren ‘home’;
All through dimensions of time and space,
I’m trying to seek my rightful place.
Then again, what is my right?
Do I know?
Am I human? Am I animal?
Or a hybrid of the two?
I’m a little bit of me
And some parts of you.
Look for your dark corner,
Find your own reasons for gloom;
If I’m headed towards nothingness,
You’re only striving for doom.
There are so many people,
People who claim to know,
What many can’t verify
And others would not show…
I collect my bits of disintegration
Attempt to create some sort of correlation
Question myself, on chances of reconciliation.
Upon no specific answer,
I retort to self-annihilation
I hear all that you have to say,
But I shall not guarantee registration…
How could you claim to ‘being human’,
When you slave away to de-humanization?!

The Myth of Humanity

Life is beautiful,
But the beauty went unseen
The civilization denied:
How civil it could’ve been..!
Diabolic desire defeated human pride,
Like a bright, empty mansion
Decorated on a wedding night,
Waiting in vain for a runaway bride.
All that is induced by ‘society’
Into fragile, haunted minds,
Ignites as fuel, a spreading fire,
Blazing on its way, things of kinds.
Like a coffin to a newborn,
Living is to life;
When no humans are left
in the myth of humanity:
So this is called ‘freedom’
by your questionable sanity…
The tears that you cry:
wasted salt in the end;
You forget who your enemy is,
the other forgets a friend!
Yet, what attempts to define your creation,
Makes a child, maybe, be a child
Is the seasoning of a sage, in deep meditation,
Or an artist, child-like in pure imagination.
While watching and listening to yet another wise clip from my all-time favorite stand-up guy, (Sir) George Carlin, I got reminded of this poem I had written some time in Feb 2011. I pulled it out of my earlier writings, from a blog I’d titled ‘De-Humanization’, and viola! Here it is, mixed and matched with his performance and also with some still images whose words so strongly relate to this lame joke of a concept of (deluded) ‘humanity’, getting more inhuman by the day.