I haven’t had a very ‘usual’ life, from standards more than one; and I feel very obliged and grateful to Allah for this fact. When I say ‘not a very usual life’, to those who may understand, this phrase can neither be a totally positive nor a completely negative connotation. What I’m specifically referring to over here is a mix, the tilt of which was more towards the negative in the past and somewhat towards the opposite now, generally: The trial never ends, that’s for sure! It never does for anyone, but especially when you’re ‘different’, it definitely has its rewards in certain ways that other people might envy too, but what most if not all of these people (or others) are familiar with, is the underlying persistent human condition of ordeal in such cases; and then, a conscious awareness of this ordeal too!

Nothing in this world is for free, as we all might know. The ‘law’ of Karma (as I call it) and the Economics rule, ‘There’s no such thing as a free lunch’, speak of the same reality. And how could this be otherwise, when even our creator Allah has His little tests around every corner, waiting for the human either to win or lose something along the way; the tests being more frequent for some than the others, maybe.

 Yes, sometimes we feel some material gain has come to us at a very low or no price at all, but there’s always some cost, even if an intangible one which we might tend to easily forgo as negligible; this owing to the sad fact that we live in a world which pays more heed to what is visible (to the naked eye), whereas the reality of the world itself is very surreal, in terms of the dependence of its happenings on immaterial phenomena. Many people either don’t know this, and among the rest that do, they do not take this fact seriously. Result? They blame and rely on factors that are the least reliable for ANY being’s existence, let alone humans. But when the humans can’t rely on their own memory to remember such things, what are the odds that they won’t in turn depend on the undependable?! Hardly any, I’d say!

The next question:

Why are the ones most ignorant (for we all are ignorant one way or another), seem to be the ones most convinced in their opinion(s)?


The ignorant admits that he/she is ignorant (on a particular matter) and even then, if they formulate some opinion in that regard, they just shut up and keep their ideas to themselves till they’re able to rationalize it enough, over time, to make their opinion public…

which is probably highly unlikely, given the fact they’re the ‘most ignorant’…


The ignorant admits that he/she is ignorant (on a particular matter) and does not rush to form an opinion, and instead waits for the right moment of clarity and understanding to do so; and meanwhile works towards reaching that point in time.

3rd SCENARIO (most likely):

The ignorant never admits that he/she is ignorant, and does whatever they’re doing, without putting much sense into, or making any sense of it whatsoever.



From Love

Life does  get fairly hard on the person when the artist, the art and the muse are the same, vis a vis  the person’s entity itself, though each of these manifested in its own time. Or the co-existence of the guinea pig, the experiment and the scientist, all in one. Or maybe even the mother, her womb and the embryo embedded in various patterns, within the same sense of Self. Thus the threads and stitches may be different, but the fabric weaves itself into a uniformity of Oneness.

I was looking for Love for years, when I realized that it is actually the outward-in journey that could connect me, with that core that also lays contained in layers of me; and that the process could only be inward-out in its motion. 

It feels constricting, when one takes into account a consideration of one’s life-span as an extension, spread over the years of your life, of your conception period spent in your mother’s womb.  Perhaps you should snap out of your self-casted spell and stop limiting your entire existence to dependence on an incident that happened in the farthest past; and (another) good thing about the past is that you keep moving, further away from the more painful points of it, with time.

What is the driving force behind a selfless act of giving and that too, giving of oneself? It is none other than love.

I do not expect of you to return the sentiment when I share my inherent Love being, with you. You are human: you might forget, you might consume it after converting it into destructive Fear energy. But yes, I DO expect from Karma to retrieve to me, the fruits of my sacred worship! And I know Karma won’t disappoint me. And when Love becomes the fuel of the journey, derived from an ethereal flow from the infinite God reservoir into a oneness with the human core, fear reduces to a mere negligent hurdle in the quest of/for Life.

If you assume the glass handed to you by a stranger to quench your thirst, to be filled with poison, and instead choose to dehydrate your Self of thirst, it gets unbelievably tough to survive, let alone live. If otherwise, you listen to your heart, which tells you the glass is filled with a potion of Love and that your assumption merely arises from scars of the futile past, that would be much wiser. The stranger here is Life, which undeniably is strangely attractive in its nature; the quest being for the truth, which always lies in Love, and your (beloved?) ‘Fear’ being the hindering force to you, to reach out for Love.

On the other hand, if you drink the potion, then your drunkenness knows no bounds of possibility! The intoxication is such that it makes you believe, and believe so much as to deem the Self worthy and capable of all roles, be it the painter, the canvas, or the painted. This belief holds an immense capacity to pull you out of your hiding, the very hiding that keeps you from your revelation of Self. This belief in its own is an outright nullification of your Fear.