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Celestial Transitions

Celestial Transitions

In the sunlight, there is noise: an unharmonic noise of a turbulence above me, as I am deep into layers, buried beneath pressures that seems to defend me. They defend me as walls, which I am not sure if are choking me further or helping me break the ruthlessness of the storm.

In the dark, there is silence. There is silence of Nothing, a nothing reaching out to me in hope to be seen & felt as something.

In white light dimming drowsily beneath sheets of smoky silk, I am following footprints from a life before.

The light steals me from a self-knowing best achieved in a tranquility of perceived ignorance. In the pain on this ignorance, I may have known myself better. But we have to wait now, for another day to pass; we have to wait a half-life or so, more.


The Wall, and I


The wall of doubt that, I with certainty, raised to glory

Stings the heart; my vision, set ruthlessly ablaze;

Sworn to be built, so as not to repeat the story,

Finds me yet again, in a maze within a maze.


What disparity lies, in what all occupies our thoughts:

You and I: do we not cherish only, tiring ourselves to sleep..!

Craving to experience in all consciousness, an illusion

Of a dream; a dream, dear Slumber dare never keep!